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Doing Business in Honduras

Starting a Business

Legal Form: Private Limited Company
City: Tegucigalpa

Registration Requirements:

Procedure 1. Procure a certificate of deposit at a local bank; pay the registry fee

Time to complete: 1 day
Cost to complete: no charge

Procedure 2. Constitute the company before a notary public, who is to draw up the instrument of organisation

Time to complete: 2 days
Cost to complete: notary fees of 5% until Lps25,000 and 3% over Lps25,000 of the capital

Comment: A company may be formed by public subscription or simultaneous foundation. The procedures described here are for simultaneous foundation (fundación simultánea).

The constitution instrument should be written on stamped paper (papel sellado), which costs Lps10. The notary uses this paper for the protocol (the original signed document in the notary’s custody) and for the first copy (testimonio) of the instrument of organisation.

Procedure 3. Publish the registration notice in “La Gaceta”, the official journal or an ordinary newspaper

Time to complete: 1 day
Cost to complete: $35 for one advertisement in “La Gaceta”; $15 in a newspaper

Procedure 4. Purchase the bar stamps from the Banco Atlántida SA and Banco de Occidente

Time to complete: 1 day
Cost to complete: included below

Comment: Official bar stamps (timbres del Colegio de Abogados), which vary in design and value, can be purchased only from Banco Atlántida SA and Banco de Occidente.

Procedure 5. File the articles of incorporation with the Mercantile Registry at the Chamber of Commerce

Time to complete: 5 days

Cost to complete: Lps1.5 for each Lps1,000 of corporation capital (Derechos de registro/registration fees) + Lps30 up to Lps300,000 of the capital and Lps10 for each Lps100,000 after Lps300,000 (Bar stamps/Timbres del Colegio de Abogados)

Comment: According to Decree 253-2005, company registration in Tegucigalpa was transferred from the Property Registry (Instituto de Propiedad) to the Chamber of Commerce.

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