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Shopping in Honduras

Unlike neighbouring Guatemala, Honduras is not known for its indigenous textiles. But it is gaining a reputation for its mahogany and cedar carvings (the small chests are especially beautiful) and for its primitive paintings of mountain villages. The beauty of the paintings is often enhanced by hand-carved mahogany frames. In the gift shop at the Copan ruins, you'll find small replicas of stelae (stone carvings) that are quite well done. You can also purchase jade jewellery, statues and other carvings that local artists have faithfully reproduced from artifacts recovered by archaeologists.

Another category of sought-after souvenirs is the mostly black-and-white pottery made by the indigenous Lenca people around La Ceiba. Masks from the regions of the northeast are also unique items to take home.
Expertly woven baskets and hats also are available throughout the country, as are quality leather goods. Honduran factories now make brand-name purses and other leather items and ship them to the US. Many big-name designers have their leather purses assembled in San Pedro Sula, where they are sold for reduced prices – without the designer name, of course.

Imapro, an organisation devoted to the preservation of traditional crafts, especially woodcarving, operates a large showroom and sales centre (TuriPlaza) in El Progreso, near San Pedro Sula. It is well-stocked with a wide variety of high-quality handicrafts, including magnificent carved doors, screens and chests. If visiting San Pedro Sula, be sure to visit El Mercado Guamilito. Here, you'll find many wonderful and cheap handicrafts like hand carved wooden boxes, Lencan pottery, hammocks, paintings, leather products from Nicaragua, and beautiful hand-woven fabrics from Guatemala.

You can also buy Honduran cigars, which rival those from Cuba in taste and quality. Cigars are made at the Royal Tobacco Factory, which was founded in 1765 and is not far from the town of Copan Ruinas. Cuban cigars also are readily available in many parts of the country, but do not try to take them to the US. It is illegal, and besides, many are local cigars with fake labels since few can tell the difference.

Haggling over prices is not as popular in Honduras as it is elsewhere in Central America. Where prices are marked, a request for a precio mejor (better price) is likely to net at best a 10% descuenta (discount). If prices are not marked, expect to haggle for a somewhat, but not greatly, lower price. Be aware that the local shops recommended by tour operators and taxi drivers generally pay for the privilege. Prices at those shops may be somewhat higher than others.